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Welcome to my food blog with all my favorite cravings! I am Jennifer, a lover of food and sharing my recipes. I am a cystic fibrosis survivor, lung & kidney transplant recipient, LOVER of life and FOOD. Start browsing recipes and subscribe to my weekly free newsletter! Read more about me here.

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showing how to eat easy fried rice in a bowl with chopsticks
up close view of Twice Baked Potato Casserole showing how cheesy it is
scooping up broccoli casserole recipe with a spoon
two hands holding corn pudding casserole to serve
top view of turkey stuffing recipe made with bread, eggs, onions, garlic and herbs

dessert cravings

up close of a stack of beignets with a bite taken out showing how soft and fluffy the interior is
up close of chocolate pecan pie recipe filling
up close of a piece of no bake peanut butter pie with a bite take out of it

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