Lasagna Soup (Video!)

This Lasagna Soup recipe is sponsored by Prego.  All opinions are my own.

This EASY Lasagna Soup tastes just like lasagna without all the layering or dishes! – you might never go back to traditional lasagna again – I won’t!

This One Pot Lasagna Soup recipe can’t get any easier or more delicious!  It boasts layers of cheesy noodles smothered in rich marinara infused with garlic, onion and Italian spices all smothered Parmesan, mozzarella and ricotta  – drool – and all you have to do is brown your beef, dump in the ingredients and simmer away!

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Lasagna Soup Recipe Video 


Lasagna Soup in a white bowl with cheese.

I looooove Italian food or even anything resembling Italian food from my Italian Vegetable Soup, Tomato Basil Soup, Million Dollar Baked PenneMillion Dollar Macaroni and Cheese CasseroleZuppa Toscana Soup, Minestrone Soup and everything in between!  And while lasagna is technically Italian, it has to be one of America’s favorite foods – and one of my favorite foods! For being a favorite, however, I hardly ever make traditional lasagna – so sad. I just can’t get into the time-consuming, tedious, layering.

Lasagna Soup in a white bowl with cheese serving with a spoon.

But now, I am thrilled to introduce my “can’t-get-any-easier,” One Pot Lasagna Soup!  I made this soup twice in a week because I am SO in love with it-and so is my very honest critic, Patrick, who lived in Italy for two years. Sometimes he is a little too honest, but he tells me it’s a good thing, because then I know when he really, really loves something. So as he sat spooning this Lasagna Soup into his mouth, repeating “So good, you nailed it. Insane, taste just like lasagna…,” I knew it was going in my back pocket of easy, “Patrick approved”, delicious recipes.

A pot of Lasagna Soup in a white bowl with cheese served with a ladle.

And it belongs in your back pocket too for all those busy nights when everyone is starting to get hangry (AKA hungry and tired) or simply any time you want to devour something extraordinary.

A close up of Lasagna Soup.

How to Make Lasagna Soup

To make this One Pot Lasagna Soup, simply brown your beef (or half Italian sausage if you like), onions and garlic…

Showing how to make Lasagna Soup browning the beef in a white pot.

Then add all your remaining ingredients – Prego Traditional Italian Sauce, crushed tomatoes, chicken broth, spices…

Showing how to make Lasagna Soup adding Prego sauce.

And lasagna noodles!

Showing how to make Lasagna Soup adding pasta.

Now the list of ingredients might seem long, but you are just dumping and running as the sauce simmers, cooking the noodles, and infusing the whole soup with Prego Italian goodness that smells nothing less than heavenly! Prego not only elevates this One Pot Lasagna Soup and can be the answer to your weeknight dinner dilemma without sacrificing any flavor! Prego boasts rich flavor from real ingredients – no more bland, boring dinners!

Close up of Lasagna Soup in a white bowl with cheese.

Finally, top your soup with ricotta, mozzarella and Parmesan – as little or as MUCH as you like and start slurping and shoveling, then repeat.


Lasagna Soup in a white bowl with cheese with a spoon serving a bite.

If you love this One Pot Lasagna Soup, as I’m sure you will, be sure to check out my One Pot White Chicken Lasagna Soup with cheesy layers of noodles smothered in velvety Italian spiced Parmesan infused sauce as well as my Chicken Parmesan, Sun-Dried Tomato Pasta, and Shrimp Fettuccine!  All warm, comforting, delectable dinners to satisfy those cheesy Italian cravings!

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One Pot Lasagna Soup (Video!)

This EASY Lasagna Soup tastes just like lasagna with layers of cheesy noodles smothered in rich marinara infused with garlic, onion and Italian spices all smothered Parmesan, mozzarella and ricotta  – drool – and all you have to do is brown your beef, dump in the ingredients and simmer away! You might never go back to traditional lasagna again!
Servings: 6 -8 servings
Total Time: 50 mins
Prep Time: 10 mins
Cook Time: 40 mins

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Cheese Garnish

  • shredded mozzarella cheese
  • freshly finely grated Parmesan cheese
  • ricotta cheese


  • Heat large Dutch oven/large soup pot over medium high heat. Add beef and onion and cook, stirring occasionally until beef is browned. Add garlic and red pepper flakes and saute for 30 seconds. Drain off any excess fat.
  • Add Prego Sauce, 6 cups chicken broth, crushed tomatoes, tomato paste, balsamic vinegar, sugar, spices and lasagna noodles. Bring to a boil then reduce to a simmer until lasagna noodles are tender, stirring occasionally (approximately 20-30 minutes).
  • Discard bay leaf and stir in heavy cream (optional) and 2-4 cups chicken broth to reach desired consistency. Garnish individual servings with desired amount of cheeses.



*I love lasagna noodles in this recipe – they are slurpilicious! You can also replace the noodles with 2 ½ cups uncooked small shells if desired and simmer for less time.
**If you want to omit the heavy cream but still would like a thicker soup then I suggest whisking 2 teaspoons cornstarch with some of the chicken broth and adding to the soup to simmer and thicken.

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  1. Michael V says

    I absolutely love this recipe. I actually substitute the noodles with Bowties or other noodles to make it easier. I also add Mozzarella cheese into the soup at the end to make it a little cheesier, then add my dollop of ricotta and sprinkle more Mozzarella cheese and then sprinkle some Italian Seasoning atop as well.

    I cannot tell you how many times I have made this and shared the recipe with friends and family.

    AND, I am making it again tonight and making a double batch to freeze some for lunches for the week or month.

    • Jen says

      Thank you so much for your wonderful comment/review Michael! I’m so pleased this lasagna soup is a favorite and I love that you add mozzarella directly to the soup – yum!

    • ROSE says

      Loving it! I was in the mood for Rigatoni. I also added some baby meatballs. It was fantastic! Thank you. I needed something easy. I had shots in my back and once I assembled the ingredients, I could almost sit down the whole time!
      Love your recipes, thanks abunch! Bon Appétit.

      • Jen says

        I love your twist with rigatoni and mini meatballs – yum! I hope you make a speedy recovery!

  2. Kylee Jenkins says

    This is SOOOOOO good! We freaking loved it!

  3. Sage says

    How did you break the noodles so perfectly?? I am older and have never had luck breaking lasagna noodles so they look nice or even. Suggestions would be wonderful. Anymore I need all the help I can get, but we love lasagna noodles too. I could use a different pasta but might not be the same. I don’t have an oven or stove, just a microwave, so use my crockpot for recipes like this. Thank You for a really great recipe 🙂

    • Jen says

      You’re so welcome Sage! I snap them against a hard flat surface like a ruler – but don’t worry too much about them being perfect! I know you’re hesitant about using a different pasta, but many readers have commented that they love it that way too. Good luck!

      • Tanya says

        Can this be made in a slow cooker?

        • Jen says

          Hi Tanya, I don’t recommend cooking the lasagna noodles/any pasta in the slow cooker because they can become a gummy texture (because they aren’t boiled at high heat), but you can add everything else to the slow cooker then add cooked pasta at the end.

  4. Ashley says

    This soup was sooooo good I didn’t use the heavy wipe cream and it still turned out fantastic. Thank you so much for this easy recipe I will be making this again soon.

    • Jen says

      Thanks for taking the time to comment Ashely! I’m so pleased it is a new repeat favorite!

  5. Emily says

    I am going to try to experiment with this recipe to use the instant pot, thinking I will reduce the chicken broth by 1-2 cups.. I’ll update on how it works out!!

      • Emily Carr says

        I reduced the chicken broth to 4 cups but otherwise followed the recipe as written but subbed the beef for ground turkey. I browned the turkey, onions, and garlic on the sauté setting. I wasn’t sure exactly which setting I should use, so I cooked on soup/broth for about 3 minutes and then switched to pressure cook for about 4 minutes and let the pressure release for about 15 minutes and then did quick release. I added the heavy cream at the end and it turned out perfectly! In the future I would probably just use the manual pressure cook for 6 minutes and use the same time for pressure release! Hope this helps for anyone asking about using the instant pot!

  6. Victoria says

    I just wanted to say that I have been making this recipe for several years now. My family absolutely loves it! It is so easy to put together! Thank you!

    • Jen says

      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment Victoria! I love hearing this soup is a repeat family favorite!

  7. Franklin Patrick says

    Can you substitute cottage cheese for the ricotta? This looks fantastic and I definitely will be making this soon.

    • Jen says

      Hi Franklin, I think that comes down to personal preference. IF you like cottage cheese it definitely could work.

  8. Stephanie says

    This lasagna soup recipe is phenomenal. I used all Italian sausage, 3 cups of bow tie pasta and found 7 cups of chicken broth was the thickness I wanted it at. The cheeses & ricotta on top made it so yummy. Your garlic bread made a dunk worthy partner for the soup too, thank you!

    • Jen says

      Mmmmm, I love the use of Italian sausage! I’m so pleased your family loved it!

  9. Rebecca says

    Cant wait to make this. I think rather than broken lasagna noodles, I will try it with frozen cheese tortellini.

  10. Angie says

    Could you use stuffed ravioli!?

    • Jen says

      absolutely! Just add the ravioli to cook per package instructions.

  11. Catherine says

    Hi Jen! Maybe this has been addressed in the comments, but I don’t have time to read through all of them! I’ve made this soup before with lasagna noodles and it’s delicious, but I want something easier for my little kids to eat, so I want to use shells. And I want to make them and keep them separate until serving (and for leftovers). How would you suggest I adapt it for that/how much less broth? I still want it to be thick like it is with the lasagna noodles. Thanks for any suggestions!

    • Jen says

      Hi Catherine, possibly start with 4 cups then add more as needed. Good luck!

  12. Molly says

    Love this recipe! So good and so easy! Great for the cold winter months here in the Midwest!

    • Jen says

      Thanks so much Molly, I’m so pleased it’s a favorite!

  13. Cydnee says

    This lasagna soup is really something! We absolutely loved it!! I used mild Italian sausage only & 4 cups of chicken broth because we like it thick. We of course added some cream…yum! This is a keeper! Thank you!

    • Jen says

      Thanks so much Cydnee! I like your style with the rich and creamy – yum!

  14. Bethany says

    Finally got around to making this one, after the white lasagna soup being a favorite for the past few years. This was SO good! Even my tomato-soup-hating husband had two bowls. I used half and half instead of heavy cream and didn’t measure, so I’m sure I used over a cup. Subsequently I only added about one additional cup of broth right at the end. We thought the thickness of the soup was just right. I topped each bowl with a little shredded Parmesan and some burrata. Can’t wait for leftovers at lunch tomorrow!

    • Jen says

      Thanks for taking the time to comment Bethany, I’m so pleased even your tomato hating husband loved it! Your addition of burrata sounds divine!

  15. Paula says

    Can I use fire roasted diced tomatoes v the crushed? I ran out of regular!

    • Jen says

      Hi Paula, you can blend the fire roasted tomatoes to create the crushed – they’ll taste great.

  16. Heather Del-Colle says

    This is a delicious recipe and so incredibly easy to make! Thank you!!

    • Jen says

      I’m so pleased it was a hit, thanks Heather!

  17. Carla Gardner says

    I have made this recipe several times and taken it to many winter parties , Everyone raves over it and my family just loves it too, It’s so quick and easy , thank you for sharing

    • Jen says

      You’re so welcome Carla, I’m so pleased it’s a repeat favorite!

  18. Lynet Nelson says

    My family loves this soup – I do add a pound of Italian sausage plus the pound of ground beef to make it heartier. Easy recipe but so good!!

    • Jen says

      Thanks Lynet, I’m so pleased it’s a favorite!

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