Sticky Thai Peanut Orange Chicken (30 Minutes)

One pan, 30 minute Sticky Thai Peanut Orange Chicken baked in one of my favorite sweet, salty, savory, spicy sauces ever.   You are going to  fall in love with the flavors and ease of this dish!

Close up of Sticky Thai Peanut Orange Chicken with nuts and chive garnish.


I hope you all had a fabulous Easter!   Once Easter hits I feel like summer is here in a flash. But I love spring. I want to bottle up the 70 degree weather with a slight breeze, the blooming tulips and bursting strawberry fields so I can enjoy them year round.

You know what else I want to bottle up and never let go?

Close up top view of Sticky Thai Peanut Orange Chicken with nuts and chive garnish.

This Sticky Thai Peanut Orange Sauce.




I am so in love with it.   So much that even though I just made this chicken last week, which normally means I would add it to my “archive” and post it weeks from now, I interrupted my recipe schedule just to bring you this Thai Peanut Orange Chicken today.  I just can’t wait for you to fall in love with it like me!

Close up of Sticky Thai Peanut Orange Chicken with nuts and chive garnish in a black skillet.

By simply whisking together soy sauce, brown sugar, orange juice, orange marmalade, peanut butter and splashes of  ketchup, vinegar, fish sauce and Sriracha, a rich, nutty sauce with an orange flair is born.  Pour this over your chicken that has been rubbed in  ginger, garlic, onion, paprika and cumin and  you won’t be able to stop craving this chicken.  


And don’t worry.  I know you will be wanting more sauce, so there is extra peanut orange sauce to smother over rice.  Or just eat plain.

Close up of Sticky Thai Peanut Orange Chicken with nuts and chive garnish with oranges in the dish.

One pan and 30 minutes stand between you and this Sticky Thai Peanut Orange Chicken.   You know what to do.

One pan, 30 minute easy Sticky Thai Peanut Orange Chicken baked in one of my favorite rich, nutty, sweet, savory orange sauces ever. I am so in love with the flavors and ease of this dish! #thai #orangechicken #peanutchicken #thaipeanutchicken #drumsticks #30minutemeals

Sticky Thai Peanut Orange Chicken (30 Minutes)

One pan, 30 minute Sticky Thai Peanut Orange Chicken baked in one of my favorite sweet, salty, savory, spicy sauces ever.   You are going to  fall in love with the flavors and ease of this dish!
Servings: 4 -6
Total Time: 23 minutes
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 18 minutes

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  • 6 boneless skinless chicken thighs


  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 tsp EACH ground ginger, garlic pwder
  • 1/2 tsp EACH onion pwdr, paprika, ground cumin, salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon pepper

Sticky Thai Peanut Orange Sauce

  • 1/3 cup low sodium soy sauce
  • 1/2 cup orange juice
  • 1/2 cup orange marmalade
  • 2 tablespoons ketchup
  • 1/3 cup crunchy peanut butter (may sub. smooth)
  • 1 tablespoon rice vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon fish sauce
  • 3-4 tablespoons brown sugar depending on desired sweetness**
  • 1 teaspoon Sriracha/Asian hot chili sauce, more or less to taste
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons cornstarch


  • Chopped roasted peanuts
  • green onions
  • orange zest


  • In a medium bowl, whisk together sauce ingredients. Set aside
  • Preheat oven to 400F degrees.
  • Mix Rub Ingredients together in a small bowl and rub all over chicken.
  • Melt 1 tablespoon butter in a large oven proof skillet over medium high heat. Add chicken and sear 2-3 minutes per side or until browned. Remove chicken to plate.
  • Add sauce and simmer 1 minute, scraping sides of pan to deglaze. Add chicken back to skillet, and spoon some sauce over chicken. Bake 8- 12 minutes or until chicken is cooked through depending on thickness.
  • Garnish with desired toppings and serve over rice.


*I prefer thighs because they are oh so tender but you may substitute boneless, skinless chicken breasts but make sure they are pounded THIN. Adjust baking time accordingly.
**I use 3 tablespoons then sprinkle a little brown sugar on the top after baking – so good!

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  1. Kelsey says

    Oh man, this makes me super hungry for chicken thighs and orange now….pinning for later!


    • Jen says

      I hope you can satisfy your cravings soon 🙂 Thanks so much Kelsey!

  2. Denise says

    I found this recipe on pinterest and was so excited to make it – it DID NOT disappoint! AMAZING! If anyone is thinking about making this – do it! The sauce is to die for.

    • Jen says

      Hi Denise, welcome to Carlsbad Cravings! I am so happy you loved this recipe – yay! I hope you find more recipes to love here 🙂

    • Jen says

      LOL! I wish I could give you some right now -how amazing would it be to be neighbors?! Or second best, I think I need to visit you in the Outback 🙂

      • Laurie says

        Off topic, but how do you like your Frenchie? I’ve been thinking about getting one. I’ve always had boxers but now that I’m older I’m thinking about ‘downsizing’.

        • Jen says

          Hi Laurie! So crazy, I used to have a boxer but couldn’t be happier with my Frenchie!! There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think she is the best thing in my life (besides my husband of course). I HIGHLY recommend a Frenchie! So sweet with people, kids and dogs and content to do whatever you are doing. When I am working, she just sleeps, when its play time, she plays. seriously, the perfect dog ever. The only thing is they don’t do well in extreme heats and are definitely an inside dog. They aren’t a dog that you would take for long walks if it is more than 70 degrees outside because they can overheat. If you are good with that, then a Frenchie is for you 🙂

  3. Rita says

    Just prepared the Sticky Thai Peanut Orange Chicken. Served it with Coconut Jasmine Rice. Bumped up the sauce amounts because I wanted extra for the rice. Delicious, I will make again and increase the heat just a little…

    • Jen says

      Hi Rita, so happy you enjoyed this chicken! I love the combo with coconut jasmine rice – yum. And I am with you – extra sauce and heat is always a good thing!

    • Jen says

      Hi Kristen, thank you so much! I am so happy you commented so I could discover your blog – LOVE your recipes and your photography is stunning! Following you everywhere 🙂 Cya on instagram!

  4. Katie Hampton says

    Jen, we made this for family dinner tonight and it was AMAZING. Everyone was raving and I shared your blog. We put the rub on the chicken, then grilled it on the BBQ, and then tossed it with the sauce. It was soooooo yummy. Keep up the amazing work!

    • Jen says

      Katie! HI!!! Sorry I am just getting back to you but I SO appreciate you letting me know how much you loved this chicken – YAY! I love the idea of grilling this and then adding the sauce – you are giving me new ideas 🙂 Hope all is well in Alaska!!

  5. Kendra says

    Girlfriiiiiennnnd! Those Peanut Orange Thighs were nothin but the truth!! They smelled great, looked amazing, and tasted wonderful!! They tasted like a BBQ sauce with a citrus-Asian tang! This recipe will DEFINITELY be in my meal loop! Thanks for sharing and for seriously changing lives AND palettes, one scrumptious meal at a time! Live blessed!

    • Jen says

      Kendra, your comment is going down as one of my favorites EVER! I can just feel your enthusiasm about the Sticky Thai Peanut Orange Chicken – and that makes me so happy because that’s how I feel! I am thrilled you are loving my recipes and so appreciate you taking the time to let me know!!

  6. Quinn says

    Have this cooking right now and my kitchen smells amazing!!!! Thanks for such a great recipe!

    • Jen says

      YAY! I hope it tasted as good as it smelled! Thanks Quinn!

  7. Melissa says

    My boyfriend and I are (VERY) amateur chefs and we found your recipe and decided to give it a try – thank you for not only providing us with an INCREDIBLE dinner, but also for such an easy-to-follow recipe!!! Honestly was so simple and so good, will definitely be making this one again and again!

    • Jen says

      How fun that you and your boyfriend cook together! Thank you so much for your kind, thoughtful comment! I thrilled you both loved it and found it easy to follow and will be making it again and again and again – the ultimate compliment! I hope you find many more recipes to love here!

  8. Myra says

    Hi! This sounds amazing! Do you think it can be made at all in advance? I’d like to make it for a large group of friends. Thanks!

    • Jen says

      Hi Myra, if you want to make in advance, I would suggest making it up to the point of adding the sauce, then when your friends get there, add the sauce and chicken and continue cooking the 8-12 minutes. This would keep the chicken from drying out or the sauce from become too thick as it sits. Hope that helps!

  9. Jessica says

    How necessary is the fish sauce? I haven’t made anything with it before as it sort of freaks me out. If it’s really worth it is guess I can get over my fear, haha. Thanks!

    • Jen says

      LOL! It really does add a lot of flavor and I would say is “necessary” for more authentic taste but you can substitute soy sauce and it would still be delicious. If you do buy it, I use fish sauce in a lot of my Thai dishes so it won’t go to waste – just don’t smell it 🙂

  10. Kelly says

    I made this the other night and it was delicious! I used apricot marmalade, because I didn’t have orange and used chicken breasts (which I cut into chicken tender size pieces). This was YUMMY! Definitely a keeper! Most recipes don’t make enough sauce, this one had plenty! Will definitely make again!

    • Jen says

      Hi Kelly, I love that you made this more stir fry style with cut up chicken – I am definitely going to have to try that! And I am all about the sauce, -it should be the best part of the recipe in my opinion!

  11. Jen says

    I know this is an “old” recipe but another glowing review from me! I made it exactly as is and there was PLENTY of sauce to go around. I paired it with brown rice and broccoli. Even my 2 year old couldn’t get enough. My mom came over and saw what I was making, so she insisted on “just a taste.” Haha. Definitely a keeper. The sauce was nice and thick. Chicken was so tender with lots of flavor. I will probably have the leftovers for lunch tomorrow!

    • Jen says

      YAY! I am so happy you found and more importantly made this “old” recipe as it is one of my favorites! I can never get enough peanut sauce in all its varieties 🙂 I am so happy even your 2 year old (and mom) loved it! There are so many older recipes that are so good so I love it when people discover them! Thank you Jen!!!

  12. Alex Cupo says

    This was so good! Been sitting in my “Bookmarked” folder of Recipes that I’ve been meaning to try, and this did not disappoint. Possibly one of the most delicious meals that I’ve made so far, and it was so easy (once I got all the ingredients together)! The sauce was thick but not overly so, and the orange taste really came through. Thanks for sharing! (Also, gotta say that I found your recipe through Buzzfeed!)

    • Jen says

      Hi Alex, I am so happy you found me through BuzzFeed, welcome! I am so glad this finally made it out of your “bookmarked” folder into your favorite older – yay! I LOVE hearing that this is “one of the most delicious meals you’ve made so far” and easy too – thank you thank you! I hope you continue to find more recipes to love here!

  13. Carey Innis says

    This was my second time making! Amazing! The first time I was out of brown sugar and used honey instead. My finace loves it! I made with brown rice and steamed broccoli!

    • Jen says

      Awesome Carey, I am so happy this is a hit at your house and your honey substitution sounds delicious as well!

  14. Mitch says

    Very nice recipe – glad we found you! We thoroughly enjoyed out dinner tonight.

    For next time, we will up the spice and decrease the sweet a bit. We did not have orange marmalade and used apricot jam. No harm there. I think the biggest change will be to cut the cornstarch by 1/2 or more. No need for the sauce to be that thick (but it sure was tasty).

    I have a small amount of sauce leftover and have to scheme on how to use it for something else…..

    • Jen says

      Hi Mitch, welcome to my site and I am so happy you enjoyed this recipe! Apricot preserves are definitely sweeter than orange marmalade so I would only decrease the sugar if you continue to use apricot preserves, but I am so happy it worked with apriot as well!

    • Jen says

      Hi Mitch, welcome to my site and I am so happy you enjoyed this recipe! Apricot preserves are definitely sweeter than orange marmalade so I would only decrease the sugar if you continue to use apricot preserves, but I am so happy it worked with apricot as well!

  15. Jennie Durren says

    This looks completely amazing. I’m going to have to try it for lunch this weekend, I think.

    • Jen says

      I hope you love it Jennie! It is a favorite around here!

  16. Sharon Claydon says

    This dish was fantastic! I will
    make this again soon and have company!

    • Jen says

      Awesome Sharon, I’m so happy you loved it! Thank you for taking the time to comment!

  17. chely says

    tried making this and it didn’t look like the picture :c my sauce came out sooo liquidy. any suggestions?

    • Jen says

      Hi Chely, I’m sorry your sauce was liquidy – it definitely shouldn’t be with both the peanut butter and the cornstarch. Next time, You can simmer the sauce for longer to slightly thicken before baking. Hope that helps!

  18. Jaimie says

    You are the Thai food recipe queen!! Another successful & delicious dinner! I added an extra tablespoon of siracha because we like more spice. Placed the orange segments during the last 2 minutes of baking & it looked just like your picture. Keep those Thai recipes coming girl 🙂

    • Jen says

      Ah, thank you so much Jaimie! I love that you love Thai food and heat – my two foodie loves! I hope you continue to enjoy my recipes!

  19. Stephanie says

    Oh my goodness this was so yummy for the tummy! We were craving Asian cuisine and had all the ingredients because I have a good stocked pantry and only had to get the orange marmalade. Used the kids easy peel mandarins for fresh squeezed OJ. Made a simple egg fried rice to go with it . Used 4 chicken small breast,s, but next time could go 5 or 6 for leftovers because there was enough sauce. Another wonderful family dinner thanks to Jen!

    • Jen says

      Thank you so much for your awesome comment Stephanie! I’m thrilled you made this oldie but goodie and that it was a winner!

  20. Jeff says

    Your recipe makes WAY to much sauce. It makes this dish look so sloppy and unappealing. Id suggest not putting the chicken back in the sauce but finishing it in the oven instead. Then finish with a small spoonful draped across the center of the cutlet and on the plate. Now thats appealing.

    • Jen says

      HI Jeff, there is extra sauce so you can serve it over rice.

  21. Rosalba says

    This was sooo good. I cooked it all in one skillet because these Texas summers are too hot to turn on the oven. Added frozen broccoli near the end and served over Jasmine rice. I will be cooking this again!

    • Jen says

      Thanks so much for the great review Rosalba, I’m so pleased it will be on repeat!