Baked Coconut Cashew Chicken Bites
Crunchy, crispy flavorful BAKED COCONUT CASHEW CHICKEN BITES with sweet and tangy Pineapple Dip make an appetizer (or meal) everyone will rave about!  The harmony of sweet and spice, crunchy outside, tender inside and tons of texture are so crazy delicious you won’t be able to stop eating them!   
    I am in LOVE with these BAKED COCONUT CASHEW CHICKEN BITES with sweet and tangy Pineapple Dip! Sweet and spicy, crunchy outside, tender inside and the flavor combo is dreamy! The BEST appetizer that everyone raves about! You seriously won't be able to stop eating them!
    • 1 1/2pounds chicken breasts pounded thin (or chicken tenders), cut into 1 ½- 2” pieces
    • nonstick cooking spray
    Coconut Cashew Breading
    • 2tablespoons butter
    • 1tablespoon coconut or olive oil
    • 1cup sweetened coconut flakes
    • 3/4cup roasted salted cashews
    • 3/4cup panko bread crumbs
    • 1/2cup flour
    • 1/2tsp EACH salt, brown sugar, garlic pwdr, ginger pwdr
    • 1/4tsp EACH pepper, onion pwdr, chili pwdr
    • 1/8teaspoon cayenne pepper
    • 1 egg
    • 1 egg yolk
    • 1/2cup flour
    • 1tablespoon low sodium soy sauce
    • 1tablespoon brown sugar
    • 2teaspoons lime juice
    Pineapple dip
    • 120 oz. can crushed pineapple in juice
    • 1/4cup sugar
    • 3tablespoons lime juice
    • 2teaspoons cornstarch
    • 1/2teaspoon srirachamore or less to taste
    Pineapple Dip
    1. Add all Dip ingredients to your blender. Blend until very smooth. Add to a small saucepan and simmer approximately 5 minutes or until reduced and thickened. Store in the refrigerator while you prepare chicken. (Can be made up to 2 days ahead and refrigerated in an airtight container.)
    Coconut Cashew Breading
    1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Line a baking sheet with foil and lightly spray with nonstick cooking spray. Set aside.
    2. Add coconut flakes to your food processor and blend into smaller pieces (or you can cut by hand). Melt 2 tablespoons butter with 1 tablespoon coconut oil (may sub olive oil) in a large nonstick skillet over medium heat. Add coconut flakes and panko and toast until golden, stirring often. Remove to a large bowl.
    3. Add cashews to food processor and process until the size of panko crumbs. Add to coconut/panko mixture. Stir in 1/2 cup flour and all Coconut Cashew Breading Spices and mix until evenly combined.
    1. Lightly whisk egg and egg yolk in a large bowl. Add all remaining Batter ingredients and whisk to combine. Add all chicken and toss until evenly coated.
    1. Remove a handful of chicken pieces from batter, let excess batter drip off (dab with paper towel if necessary), and add to coconut/cashew mixture. Press mixture into chicken with clean fingers to make sure the coating sticks (I use one hand to touch battered chicken and the other clean hand to press in the coconut/cashew mixture). Place chicken pieces on prepared baking sheet. Repeat until all chicken is coated.
    1. Lightly spray chicken with non-stick cooking spray. Bake for 10 minutes or until chicken is cooked through. Broil for 2-3 minutes or until golden. Serve with chilled Pineapple Dip.